Adding the human touch

Ticketmaster has two owned and operated Contact Centres that service Australia and New Zealand, which are located in the Melbourne and Auckland head offices. From our Contact Centres we provide ticket sales, customer service, ticket printing/dispatch, event support functions, white label services and specialist projects.

Understand your customer base

Know your database – Understand our entire customer base, or by artist, venue and event.

Campaign management – Monitor effectiveness of marketing campaigns during an on sale.

Opportunities - Identify and Attract relevant sponsorship opportunities.

Expanding to new market or planning an international tour

From Auckland to Oslo, we are there! Ticketing in 21 countries, servicing 85 million customers. Our international network of local Ticketmaster companies is ready for you. Our multi-cultural team is there to help you break the new markets, plan your multi country tours and give you guidance when you need it. Get it touch and we tell you more!

Achieving the aims of the Artist

Providing far more than just a ticketing service, our team is a resource dedicated to achieving the goals of artists, through close collaboration with agents, managers, record labels, promoters and venues.

  • Presale ticketing - Fully branded pages – integrated ticket listings – revenue share opportunities
  • Data capture - Pre-registration – balloting
  • Selling music - Album presales – upsells – retailer partnerships
  • Marketing solutions - Data profiling – e-shots – website takeovers – spotlights – social share & presale apps – exclusive editorial – affiliate partnerships
  • Responses to resale - Ticketmaster Platinum – Resale partnerships
  • Fan extras - Fan club presales – VIP & merch packages – merchandise & travel upsells


The total venue, retailing & CRM solution

Ticketmaster's tournament software is used by many of the world's largest sporting events such as the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the West Indies Cricket Board. Locally, Ticketmaster can fulfil tournament ticketing requirements and did so for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Ticketmaster's tournament software provides a total package including white labelling ability, allowing multi-lingual/multi-currency websites, ballot solutions and payment processing.