On-site box office solution

AccessManager provides real-time authentication of tickets so you know tickets scanned are valid – including last minute sales on the day of your event! And AccessManager can manage customer traffic flow into and within your venue, including site admission, special areas and more! Attendance figures are available grouped by scan location, so you can determine how busy your entrances have been.

Facebook sharing capabilities
Share to Access App

The "Share to Access" Facebook Application gives Ticketmaster and our clients the opportunity to reward Facebook fans with exclusive content like presale ticket links, merch or other prizes by simply sharing with their friends on Facebook. The App allows us to reward Facebook fans in return for them sharing details of the exclusive content with their friends. Let us show it to you in action. Get in touch today!

Powerful reporting at your fingertips
TM Reports

Ticketmaster has a suite of web-based reporting tools that provide our clients with access to sales figures from any device with internet access. Ticketmaster Reports allows clients to set up scheduled reports that will be automatically emailed to recipients at specified dates and times. The schedule function helps to streamline box office operations by reducing the amount of time box office staff spend sending figures to promoters and producers.

Ticketmaster systems

Ticketmaster Archtics is proprietary in-house ticketing, membership and customer relationship management (CRM) solution utilised by over 400 major venues, sporting clubs and performing arts companies around the world. Archtics delivers a wholly integrated approach to membership and daily seating inventory management while providing extensive CRM capabilities, member and prospect eMarketing tools and detailed reporting functionality.

Create demand for your event

Our platform will help you to

  • Reach and grow the artist database
  • Gauge demand on events
  • Generate buzz around announcements and releases
  • Get insight for future event/tour planning

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Targeted campaigns to help you reach the right audience

Powerful e-mail tool for your marketing campaigns. Segment customers, improve conversion and ticket sales with A/B testing, automation, tailored content and improved deliverability. And most importantly - monitor your campaign and assess the impact of your marketing. Let us tell you more!

Alternative delivery methods

Ticketmaster offers online ticket purchasers an eTicket bundle that gives the customer the flexibilty to select from a 2D barcode delivered to their mobile device or a Print-at-Home solution. The eTicket bundle is designed to give the customer greater choice while still ensuring usability and efficiency.