Looking for millions of views?

With more than 6 million account holders and 2.2 million unique visits per month, Ticketmaster's websites are an effective way to reach new larger audiences.

The website is split by genre and region, enabling us to place your event in front of customers who are interested in music, sport, arts, family, comedy and attractions both regionally and nationally.

We will make search and discovery on our site as simple as possible. Customers will be taken to a dedicated landing page for your event. This page can include video, reviews, recommendations and a facebook RSVP module.

Let's get marketing!

A partnership with Ticketmaster means access to an enormous ticketing database. However, it’s the quality of targeting that makes a difference.

Our brand new bespoke email messaging tool, tmMessenger, is at the forefront of CRM technology. It enables us to target Ticketmaster customers based on purchasing behaviour, location, preferences etc.                  

TM Affinity – our affinity tool uses science to identify related events and removes guesswork. The affinity score enables us to identify events with a similar audience for related email targeting. In additional, we can target by mosaic groups we have already identified with a strong propensity.

TicketAlert is a weekly email which targets more than 2.7 million customers in Australasia and is broken out into states. It is a powerful and effective marketing tool that tells customers what’s available in their region.

PerformerAlert - This is an automated email alert which goes out the day before an on sale to past bookers of the event so fans are the first to find out about upcoming events.

Deliver targeted ads

Fan Network is our online advertising and retargeting solution. It enables us to deliver targeted online ads on other sites where your customers are likely to spend time.

Reconnect with  fans who showed an interest or fit the profile of events on Ticketmaster.com.au or Ticketmaster.co.nz and did not convert and get them to come back and buy tickets.

Targeting includes new or existing customers, specific events/venues, consumer demographics/lifestyle, location and what they have viewed on Ticketmaster.com.au or Ticketmaster.co.nz. Get in touch and we can find the right solution for you.

We get your fans talking

From Facebook and Twitter to tmBlog - We are there and happy to share it with you!

We engage with customers and build communities across Ticketmaster Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have also developed a strong team of internal and external online bloggers.

This provides a greater opportunity to reach out and communicate on a personal level with target audiences on a daily basis. We use social data to identify consumer traits and trends in ticket sales and use insights to proactively improve marketing.

Your event page on Ticketmaster also enables customers to RSVP and share if they are/maybe attending the event. And our Interactive Seat Maps are integrated with Facebook so friends can see where people are sitting  at your event. This is a great opportunity for social campaigns. Shall we get social together?

Harness the power of our relationships

Our affiliate network gives us exposure across different sites throughout Australia and New Zealand. We offer our affiliates access to competitions and exclusive content such as interviews and special offers. 

From online promotion and newsletters to artist alerts, blog posts and video content. We work with you together to identify, recruit and develop key partners for your event.

With our strategic partner, American Express, we have a significant client base and reach.

Let's talk about offers

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas – whatever the season, our dedicated promotions team can help promote your event to targeted customers based on genre, location and also through partnerships and closed user groups.

We get big parties

Our Groups business is an effective opportunity to target those responsible for booking tickets for large numbers such as coach parties, social organisers, schools, clubs and more.

Ticketmaster’s internal Groups department aims to proactively promote events of interest to our extensive groups database via direct mail, dedicated online pages, flyers and collateral and a Groups newsletter sent to regular bookers.

Reach out to the gifting market

Ticketmaster gift cards and eGift cards unlock a world of live entertainment.

Gift cards can be purchased via Ticketmaster.com.au and Ticketmaster.co.nz as well as retailers such Big W, Target, Coles and Woolworths. Ticketmaster also has a range of corporate gift card partnerships. Contact the local team now for more info on gift cards.